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Leigh says, “I’ve been a writer almost as long as I’ve been a reader and a Jesus-follower. And that’s a long time.”

Leigh worked her way through a journalism degree from Texas A&M University as a television news reporter, and after graduating went to work as an advertising copywriter. She wrote her first book in 1994 as a ghostwriter, and has been writing her own books and collaborating with other authors ever since.

The author of four solo books including Treasured and The Beautiful Ache, Leigh contributes weekly to her own blog/email called “Wednesday words,” and her writing has appeared in Discipleship Journal, Christian Single, Radiance, thehighcalling.org and ChristianityToday.com.

My Year with SamMy Year with Sam

The first time "Sam" and I met was at a group home for boys not far from the neighborhood where I grew up. I knew a lot more about him that day than he knew about me, but those facts afforded me no comfort at all.

Sam had entered foster care when he was just a few months old. He hadn't seen his birth mother since that time; he did not know the identity of his biological father. In the interim years, his living situation had been only sporadically stable, and his behavior clearly reflected that.

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The Beautiful Truth, by Leigh McLeroyThe Beautiful Truth

Each week 18 young artists at New York City's Parson's School of Design settle in behind their easels where Karelyn Siegler nurtures their hearts and minds just as deliberately and carefully as she hones their emerging skills. She does this because she remembers what it's like to be an artist "clamoring for a secret" and because she knows firsthand the liberating power of the truth - on canvas and in life.

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You Gotta Have Friends, by Leigh McLeroyYou Gotta Have Friends

It was late, and a tight handful of friends were talking not long after dinner was done. Their leader spoke from His heart, and His words were not easy ones to hear. He would be leaving soon, He said, although He would send another friend to be with them in His absence. He reminded them of many things He'd said before - and spoke new words that none of them had heard. He told them to stick together through thick and thin because the time was coming when they would need one another.

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