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Treasured: Knowing God by the Things He Keeps

By Leigh McLeroy

Every object tells a story. His story. Your story.

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Wednesday Words Endorsements.

fan on a table

It gives me comfort to know that God has positioned you where you are today. You may never know the depth and breadth of the lives you touch with your words. It's seldom a week goes by that I haven't shared your wisdom and thoughts with a friend who may have needed a simple word of encouragement or I myself been blessed and comforted by your experiences, and profound understanding of the deeper things of God.

Cindy O.

God certainly invaded my life the day I was introduced to you and your work. Thanks for including me on your list. I now look forward to Wednesdays with a whole different feeling.

Ed S.

I say again: you're a very fine writer, with a great ability to use the common and ordinary to highlight an important spiritual point. It will be fun to see where God leads you in this adventure!

Steve H.

Wonderful words, Leigh. If you were a start-up company whose business was writing, I'd invest in you in a heartbeat!

Doug E.

I read your words weekly (or sometimes monthly depending on how often I get on-line). Just wanted to let you know the one on words plus action = love has really hit me. Am printing this one to keep in my Bible and meditate on (plus do).

Pam C.

i sat down to check my email and saw that my wednesday words had come on tuesday. not wanting to wait the appropriate hour and fifteen minutes, i decided to peek and only read the title, leaving the rest until wednesday. i was unable to stop with the title. or the first paragraph. call me undisciplined, but i devoured the entire wednesday words on tuesday, sentence by sentence. martha stewart would call it "a good thing." thanks for a new favorite.

Denni D

I'm just returning from a week's vacation, and was glad to see Wednesday Words standing out among the mostly dull and highly delete-able messages in my inbox. Wednesday words still speak quite well on Monday, I'm sure you've already been told more than once.

Lawrence K.

WOW how awesome is today's Wednesday words. And how great is it that God will use the not so good stuff in our lives to make us pay attention and know that we are loved. He just constantly tells us... I am bigger than that ...and that...and that ... and that...

You are the BEST. Thanks for today. I have been on a roller coaster, but the clouds just left the crystal ball on this one.

Scott S.

I taught my Sunday School class yesterday, doing 1 Cor 1:22-24 and unpacking what calling is. I hope you don't mind, but I read a few paragraphs of your piece, because you captured beautifully the idea of the initiator and responder, being chosen and then choosing. They were romanced by your words. Thank you again!

Glenn L.

The best yet. I think I keep saying that. This was just wonderful. He really gave you a gift. Thank you for using it.

Diane V.

I just left a lunch where all of the ladies at my table were talking about something I had never heard of before, "Wednesday Words". When I sat down at my desk to begin the task of weeding through my emails, I had one of your Wednesday Words that had been forwarded to me. I read it and loved it! I would love it if you would add me to the weekly email list.

Susan R.

See you on Wednesday!

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