Speaking Endorsements.

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What first impressed me about Leigh is that she's genuinely smart, funny and warm--three great qualities. What distinguishes her, however, is an intellectual and faithful curiosity to see the presence of Christ in every aspect of life. The American church desperately needs more voices reminding us that holiness is found in normal conversations, kitchens and committees, as well as in churches. With theological grit and without hitting a single sentimental note, Leigh is one of the bright voices helping us recapture the sacred in the everyday.

Steven Purcell
Director, Laity Lodge


Leigh McLeroy writes and speaks with a personal transparency that reveals her close walk with the Lord and her love for the Holy Scripture. Yet she thinks in metaphors. Instead of simply saying it is difficult to surrender ones desires to God, she says "When my dog brings me his wet, slobbery tennis ball, I say, 'Give it, Give it.' But he doesn't always. Even though good things will happen if he does. I can be just as stubborn and shortsighted when God asks me for something I am afraid to let go of." Through vivid word pictures, Leigh demonstrates over and over how God's Word intersects our everyday lives. She connects with her audience at a heart level, making each listener or reader hungry for a deeper personal relationship with Christ.

Karen Gaye Giesen, D. Min.
Adjunct Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary
Assistant Director, DTS Houston Extension


Through her speaking and writing, Leigh enables me to both listen and recognize God's call and movement in my life. Her ability to verbally communicate Gospel truth in a whimsical and compelling way invites me into God's bigger story. When I reflect on her writing, I pay attention as I wonder how she could possibly know so much about my circumstances! Whether she is speaking to a large group or a small gathering – whether she is writing a book or a word of devotion, Leigh directs me past that moment to the One who defines her life and who she loves above all else.

Jacky Gatliff, Director, Women In Ministry
Evangelical Presbyterian Church, USA


Leigh is the consummate word artist. Her stories paint pictures of ordinary sights and situations with simple yet powerful truths. It is as if she sees what the rest of us only wish we could see. For Leigh, God's fingerprints are all over everyday life. And her insightful observations make us look for God's hand of blessing where we would otherwise miss it. Her work is always a masterpiece, with all the glory reflected back to her beloved Master!

Marcy Leachman
Teaching Director, Community Bible Study


All my interactions with Leigh over the past many years—and I mean that “all” quite literally—have repeatedly demonstrated to me her great intelligence, grace, good humor and godliness. Leigh is a careful thinker with a deep grasp of God’s Word who has the rare ability to translate her insight into prose that sings, dances and remains fixed in memory.

Steve Halliday
Crown Media Limited